Ham Sammich

My sweetie works in a vet clinic, and this year the employees drew names to be Secret Santa’s for one another’s pets. She got Hambone, a rescued kitty who was found in the parking lot of a Subway trying to drag a sandwich into the bushes.

When we found this pattern for a knitted sandwich, we knew we had to make Hambone a ham sammich cat toy.

Ham Sammich 1The pattern as written is very basic, with few instructions. So I decided to play with it a little bit.

My first variation was to use worsted weight yarn instead of DK, because all my little remnants of yarn were worsted weight. I used slightly fewer stitches per row on each piece, but I think my sandwich is still bigger than the original. I guess that makes me a typical American, super-sizing everything.

Ham Sammich 2Next, instead of knitting one triangle for each piece of bread, I knitted a diamond shape with a line of purl stitches for the middle row. Once each piece was castoff, I folded it in half (using the line of purl stitches as a guide). This gave me thicker pieces of bread that held their shape when it was time to stitch it all together.

The ham and cheese I made (mostly) according to the instructions, except I only used 19 stitches per row on the cheese because my orange yarn was slightly heavier than my other colors.

Ham Sammich 3The lettuce was where I used the most variation. I wanted my lettuce to be curly like the leaf lettuce I love to put on sandwiches. So I started with three stitches, and then doubled the number of stitches every few rows to make a big triangular ruffle.

And finally, since this sammich was for a cat, I sewed a tiny fabric pillow stuffed with organic catnip. I then folded my piece of knitted ham in half, tucked the catnip pillow inside, and seamed the edges. I also sewed a piece of crinkly plastic inside the piece of knitted cheese, so the toy would be just a tiny bit noisy.

Happy Holidays, Hambone. I hope you love your sammich.

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