Imperfection is Part of the Process


I’ve done a lot of embroidery over the past decade. Most of it has been on three dimensional knitted objects, which presented a set of particular challenges not present in knitting on flat surfaces like felt or cotton. So when I decided to play around with making little felt hearts for gift cards, I thought “surely this will be easier than embroidering on all those rounded goddesses”. I thought my embroidery would be lovely and tidy. Practically effortless.

Well, I thought wrong. My experiments with these little felt hearts continue, and I can’t say I’m overly impressed with my embroidery skills. I hesitated to post pictures of these experiments, but I’m always curious about the process of other artisans–the stages in between learning a craft and making it one’s own, the steps from raw materials to finished objects. So here they are, in their imperfection.

I’m possibly the world’s slowest embroiderer, and you might think I’d be completely frustrated with the results of my efforts. But I love embroidery. It has the same calming, quieting effect editing photos has. I’m enjoying the process of creating these hearts, and I’m excited about upcycling the beautiful red wool from a damaged thrift store sweater. I could end up with an alarming number of little embroidered hearts before this experiment is finished. It was a big sweater.

My Favorite
My Favorite

This last one is my favorite so far. I’ve got some ideas for spacing the stitches more evenly, and I think I want to branch out into embroidering with some other colors. I’m thinking orange, turquoise, purple. We’ll see what happens. What about you all? Do you enjoy the process of creation, or do you only do it for the finished project?

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