Playing with Color

I sometimes feel like a sort of foster home for unwanted craft supplies. For example, I have a shoe-box sized storage container of embroidery floss, all of which was given to me by friends. Often the embroidery floss was given to those friends by relatives. I have no idea how old it is, and some of it doesn’t have the labels anymore. But it’s all perfectly adequate embroidery floss, and I’m not going to let it go to waste.

magenta flowers 2
So Much Pink

For some reason, a good 40% of it is pink. I’ve got just about every shade of pink covered, from palest baby pink to shocking magenta. So while I was under the weather, playing with pink seemed like a good antidote to my gray, fuzzy feeling.

The Paler End
The Paler End of the ACEO

I have a bunch of blank ACEO’s created for me by my friend Rain. Being a lover of immediate gratification–or let’s face it, semi-immediate gratification, since embroidery is the antithesis of immediacy–I love embroidering on ACEO’s. Even the most minute, finicky, detailed project can’t take all THAT long on a 2.5 by 3.5 inch rectangle.

Color Transition
Color Transition

I love the magenta thread. Magenta is one of my happiest colors. I was going for a sort of ombré effect, which I think was almost successful. And considering that I was choosing shades of pink from what I had, rather than going to the store and selecting just the right shades, I think it turned out rather well.

The Magenta End
The Magenta End

I don’t know if I felt entirely cheered up by all the pink, but it definitely helped. It might have been more cheering if I hadn’t been watching all the old episodes of Veronica Mars on Amazon Prime. I can apply a lot of adjectives to Veronica Mars: clever, funny, intense. But not usually cheerful. Then again, if I’d been watching without all the embroidered flowers, I might have ended up deeply depressed. Let us all give thanks for bright pink.

I’m trying my hand at French Knots now, with varying levels of success. I’m sure you’ll get pictures of that too.

I haven’t forgotten about the cowl. But it’s in timeout so it can think about its bad behavior.

What are you creating?

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