Vintage Supplies Inspire Me

Over the weekend I spent an afternoon poking around antiques shops with my kids. I thought I’d pick up a few buttons for some knitting projects and maybe some ribbon or something. I was so wrong.

Money Can't Buy Love, But it CAN Buy Vintage Craft Supplies
Money Can’t Buy Love, But it CAN Buy Vintage Craft Supplies

I completely lost my head and bought more than I intended to. But wouldn’t you? By the way, that cream-colored roll of paper in the upper left corner is actually a row of ecru grosgrain ribbon. More on that in a moment.

Buttons are Forever
Buttons are Forever

I could have bought so many more buttons. I love buttons, especially old pearlescent ones. I have plans for these, my pretties. SO MANY PLANS.

I Have No Idea What I'm Going To Do With These
I Have No Idea What I’m Going To Do With These

I made undignified noises when I saw those little wooden thread spools. I’m kicking around a few different ideas for them. And wondering if I should go back and buy all the rest of them. Because I love them. Part of me just wants to line them all up on little shelves and keep them forever. But that seems like inviting a dust collection into my room.

I Can't Resist an Old-Timey Label
I Can’t Resist an Old-Timey Label

I have no idea how old any of this stuff is. All the labels just said “vintage”, and I’m not an expert. Its value to me is its beauty–and I fully intend to use all of it. For one thing, I’m not a collector for collecting’s sake. I know some things are precious and should be put in museums and preserved, but things like thread and fabric were created for use. It seems wrong not to use them. And there’s also the consideration that these days, most cotton is grown with obscene quantities of pesticides and herbicides. I decided months ago that I would use the supplies I already have, but when I buy more they will either be organic, thrifted, or vintage. I don’t want to be the cause of more chemicals being dumped all over everything.

Speaking of using these supplies . . . I already started.

Fancy Pants Bookmark
Fancy Pants Bookmark

The grosgrain ribbon is amazing: heavier than the ribbon you find at the store these days, and I love the rich shade of ecru. You might be able to tell that this bit is slightly faded at one end; for that reason, and because the stitching is a little wonky, I’m keeping this one for myself. But I’m planning to make more and offer them in the Greenwoman Studio Etsy Shop.

Imperfect but Beautiful
Imperfect but Beautiful

You can also see that the center button has a little flaw. I love the personality of that button–it was the only one of its kind in the bag.

red button bookmark 2
Stunning Trim

There was only a small piece of this trim–maybe twelve inches long–so I don’t feel bad about cutting it into tiny pieces for bookmarks. If it’d been a longer piece of trim I’d have saved it for a bigger project so I could keep it intact. It’s probably my favorite treasure from my outing. And yes, The Medical Herbalist, Volume XI (© circa 1935) was one of the things I found at the same shop.

Today I’ll be making more bookmarks, and working on a secret surprise for the blog. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Vintage Supplies Inspire Me

  1. The bookmark is gorgeous Michelle! Can’t wait to see more of the bookmarks that you make with all of those lovely vintage treasures you found!


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