What’s Happening in the Studio, February 5 Edition

Sometimes the hours and hours of work that go into a handmade business happen behind the scenes, and when I’m in the midst of them I feel like I’m not making any progress. But invisible progress is still progress, and eventually it leads to results I can share.

New Cover!
New Cover!

Like the updated Unity Tarot Pouch pattern. My first two pattern revisions were largely aesthetic changes. This time, there’s an actual improvement to the pattern: I’ve added a chart for the cables. So now knitters have the option of working from written or charted instructions.

While I was revising, I updated the pictures and layout and corrected some minor typos and grammatical errors. The revised pattern is available on Etsy and on Ravelry.

Leaves and Buttons
Leaves and Buttons

I created another bookmark. This one came together more quickly than the first one, and I love it. I gave it to a friend.

Stitching on the Back
Stitching on the Back

I’m still perfecting my technique: I want the back to look as nice as the front, or at least be neat and tidy. This one came out close to what I had in mind: hopefully the next one will be shop-ready.

leaf bookmark 4
“Vintage” Leaves–Probably from the 80’s

This week I’m also spending some time trying to get my supplies organized: the room that I want to use for my studio is currently in complete chaos. I made a good start on Monday moving things around until all my supplies were accessible. Now I just need to organize them. I’m excited by the idea of being able to find everything without having to shuffle boxes around whilst muttering to myself.

These Three Little Buttons Make me Indescribably Happy
These Three Little Buttons Make me Indescribably Happy

And finally, did you know Greenwoman Studio has a Facebook Page? I share updates to the shop and blog, links I find interesting, and the occasional pretty picture. I’d love it if you stopped by to have a look.

What are you creating?

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