What’s Happening in the Studio, March 4 Edition

It’s been a while since I showed y’all what I’ve been up to! Mostly I’ve been playing with applying buttons and embroidery to jewelry. I made a brooch with unbleached muslin, leather scraps (for the backing), thrifted buttons and cotton embroidery floss.

Almost What I Want
Almost What I Want

It’s almost exactly what I wanted it to be. The only trouble is I don’t care for the pin back I got at my local bead store. It’s very flimsy and the clasp is wobbly. I’m going to try some vintage pin backs I found on Etsy, and if those aren’t better I’ll go hunting for something new but sturdy.

I did finish a mixed media sort of necklace that I liked enough to list in the shop. I made it from felted wool (from a ruined sweater), vintage chain, components from a damaged necklace, and some new hardware. I hand embroidered it as well.

My First Embroidered Necklace
My First Embroidered Necklace

Those of you who’ve known me for a while might be surprised by all the pink in my life lately. I seem to be returning to my girly roots after years of eschewing anything pastel or frilly. Or maybe I’m turning into a much nicer version of Dolores Umbridge.

On March 1st I attended the Portland Yard, Garden and Patio show. It was, of course, mostly about plants, soil, and vendors trying to sell fancy pavers and outdoor pizza ovens. And succulents. EVERYONE was selling succulents. There was, however, a corner of the show devoted to the local creative types, and it was a treasure trove of upcycled and repurposed goods. There was enough artful rust and distressed paint to choke an antiques dealer, and everywhere I looked I found inspiration. (Also, through a random sequence of events my friend and I got in free–sometimes it pays to be a little lost, a little confused, and very polite.) The creative ways people found to reuse materials had me pointing and saying “wow” every few minutes.

I came home and played with my vintage buttons and chain, bringing in some beads I’ve had stashed away for years. The necklace’s shades of blue and black remind me of the colors in that shell on the beach.

Black and Blue, but in a Good Way
Black and Blue, but in a Good Way

Finding new ways to put things together is one of my favorite parts of the creative process. I’ve never been a fan of following instructions–I’d much rather take a bunch of stuff and play with it until I like the way it looks. Which probably explains why it takes me so long to finish things. I wonder how many times I’ve reinvented the crafty wheel?

What about you? What are you creating?

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