Blossom Study: The Creative Inspiration of Flowers

This tree–I think it’s some kind of weeping plum, but I haven’t positively identified it yet–caught my attention on a walk last week. How could it not?

It's Spriiiiing!
It’s Spriiiiing!

My obsession with flowers is no secret–almost everything I’ve been making lately has been flower themed.

So. Many. Flowers.
So. Many. Flowers.

So of course I love March, when my city dresses itself up in drifts of blossoms.

Pale, Pale Pink Blossoms
Pale, Pale Pink Blossoms

I took these pics with my phone, so I wasn’t able to get the usual up-close detail I get from my camera. I’ll have to get back out with my camera soon.

Under the Blossoms
Under the Blossoms

My favorite thing about flowering trees is the contrast between the gnarled, dark, heavy limbs and bark and the airy, bright, delicate blossoms. One of nature’s stunning juxtapositions.

blossom study 7

I keep thinking I’ll get tired of taking pictures of flowers at some point. But that day is not yet here.

My Precioussssss
My Precioussssss

All the pink flowers have inspired me to make more flowers. It’s like an endless loop; looking at flowers makes me want to make flowery things which makes me want to look at more flowers. You get the idea.

What’s inspiring you this week?

3 thoughts on “Blossom Study: The Creative Inspiration of Flowers

  1. You have a weeping Chinese cherry there. They have a distinctive drape or weeping effect to the branch. Lovely trees, I’ve often wanted to find a spot in my yard for one. Fruit not impressive. Pretty pictures.


  2. Oh the blooming cherry trees, such a beautiful sign of spring! There is an absolutely gorgeous set of cherry trees on NE 22nd between Ainsworth and Holman… something about the paleness of the blossom and the way it branches is simply stunning. My wife and I wait all year to enjoy it! Someday, when we own a home we’d love to take a cutting from these trees. Let me know if you check them out!


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