What’s Happening in the Studio, May 1 Edition

Well, it HAS been a while. I’ve been absent from the blog because I’ve been very, very busy doing things. Things like turning 40, visiting my friends and their brand new baby . . . oh and getting engaged.

I’ve also been busy getting organized and making merchandise for the St. John’s Bizarre (yes, they spell it “bizarre”, not “bazaar”), where I’ll be vending on May 10. If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, maybe you can come out and say hi. It promises to be an interesting day–and it will be my first time vending as Greenwoman Studio.

St John’s Bizarre

Part of getting ready for this event is finally getting my business cards ordered.

happening 4-21 2
Business Cards at last!

Notice the link on the bottom of the card! This site is now greenwomanstudio.com. Kind of exciting, huh?

You might also be wondering what became of the Use It or Lose It Challenge. I’ve heard that the other three participants are struggling a little, which makes me feel better about the fact that I have completely changed directions and barely touched my knitting in the past month. Instead, I’ve been using up my pile of orphan embroidery floss (that is, embroidery floss that people gave me when they learned I embroider):

More Freehand Trees
More Freehand Trees

And using up beads leftover from the days when I made a LOT of beaded jewelry:

happening 4-21 1
Unakite and Wood Beads with Felt, Leather and Embroidery

And using a lot of the beautiful vintage buttons I can’t resist buying.

Button Pendant
Button Pendant

I would be beating myself up about deviating from my plan if I actually had time for that sort of thing! But I’m too busy being productive. And I’m happy with that.

I’ve decided, after talking to another participant, to extend the challenge through the month of May. Maybe longer if need be. That way, we’re more likely to find ways to use the things we want to use. And that’s what it’s all about. In fact, it might become an ongoing challenge–more an exploration of using what you have before you buy something new than a contest. I’ll keep y’all posted.

So after a month of excitement, I’m hoping for an equally productive but less eventful May. Fingers crossed. What have you been up to?


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