Help Me Choose the Best Cauldron Photo, Plus Giveaway!

(Cross-posted from my personal blog.)

Today is my favorite kind of day–cloudy and windy with scattered showers and cool (but not too cold) temperatures. Yes, I was born to be an Oregonian. Though summer is far from over, today’s weather has me thinking of fall, and fall means Halloween–my favorite!

Y’all know I’ve been working on a little greeting card making project. There are a million details to hammer out, from where to have cards printed, to where to sell them, to how to package them and store them and keep track of inventory.

And of course I have to decide which images to use. I’ve been playing with filters and borders and text to design a card with one of my favorite cauldron images. But I’ve made so many variations now, I feel like I have no perspective anymore!

And that’s where you come in. So far I have three images that I quite like. I have a favorite, but I wonder which variation of the image would appeal to people who aren’t me. So here they are.

Image One.
Image One.

You’ve seen image one before. I could also change the text on this one, or make the border more consistent on all sides and remove the text all together.

Image Two
Image Two

I like the colors in Image Two quite a lot, and I’m always a fan of that blurry edge look.

Image Three
Image Three

Image three has a background with a parchment look. I like parchment. At present, these cards will be printed on white recycled paper, so the parchment look will only be on the front of the card.

SO then, my friends: which image do you like best? You have one week to vote!

To sweeten the deal, if you vote I will enter your name in a giveaway to win a free card! You can choose from either the cauldron design or the “Kiss Me” frog design. Just leave a comment letting me know you voted, and you’re in!

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