In the Witch’s Garden, July 26, 2014

This post originally appeared on my personal blog.

This morning a couple of scrub jays spent a good hour or two in the holly tree that hangs over the fence, screeching with unrestrained enthusiasm. Usually this neighborhood belongs to the crows, but this morning they were nowhere to be found, perhaps laying low until the annoying visitors moved to another block. The chickadees, on the other hand, continued their usual sedate chorus, unperturbed by the noisy interlopers. Perhaps the jays were messengers from spirit: sing your song, loud and proud, no matter how you sound.

The plants seem to be listening, and clamoring for attention. From these delicious nasturtiums with foliage that looks like it was spattered with a painters brush,

new moon leo 1bto this courageous and vivid borage,

new moon leo 2bto magical vervain, they all posed for their own magical plant portraits.

new moon leo 3bAnd why not? Even the weeds are beautiful today, especially the bittersweet nightshade, trailing through a shady, unkempt corner of the garden.

new moon leo 5bThis bee, sprinkled with pollen, posed patiently on a squash leaf to have his picture taken. He looks quite pleased with himself.

new moon leo 4cWhat’s growing in your garden?

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