In the Witch’s Garden, August 14, 2014

Most of the dandelions at the edge of the garden bloomed in spring, but a few are blooming–and going to seed–now. I never get tired of them.

2014-08-10 witch's garden 1I planted a tiny clump of sweet woodruff this spring. The starry leaves have spread out at the feet of the mugwort; and they are, indeed, sweet.

2014-08-10 witch's garden 2A month ago I dug some yellow dock roots out of one of the beds. They’re dry now, and sitting on my working altar with some cleansing stones. At the new moon, I’ll use them to craft some talismans for courage and vitality.

2014-08-10 witch's garden 3

It occurs to me that two of the three plants featured in this post are weeds. I’ve always been lax about weeding. While I can’t pretend its not a tiny bit neglectful to ignore the weeds for weeks at a time, I also value the weeds for their strength and magical potency. Anyone who knows me can tell you how much I value the witchy weeds. I’ll probably always leave some room for them in my gardens.

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