What’s Happening in the Studio, August 30 Edition

Lately I’ve been digging a lot of roots from the garden. Those are mullein roots on the left, and the two on the right are dandelion.

2014-08-27 witch's gardenAnd THIS is holly root. My neighbors have a beautiful holly tree that hangs over the fence, and occasionally a holly sapling will spring up in a very inappropriate place and has to be dug up. I love how curvy and gnarled the root is. I also love how it hums with energy. I don’t know yet how I’ll use it, but holly is associated with protection and luck, so I imagine it will make it’s way into a talisman or some kind of guardian nature spirit.

2014-08-27 witch's garden 2Speaking of talismans and nature spirits, I had a delightful custom order last week. As you can see, she’s a melding of talisman and nature spirit. She’s very tiny–not quite the length of my palm–but I poured a lot of good energy into her. Stitching spirals on such a small surface is an inherently magical activity: the intensity of focus needed for magic is built into the process.

2014-08-29 studio update 4I’ve also been working on items to list in the shop. When I make a talisman for a custom order, I generally know what it’s for. But when things call out to me–like the dock roots in this talisman–sometimes I don’t know what exactly I’m making until it’s done. I stared at the space between the turquoise and the beach stone in this piece for a long time, wondering what was supposed to go in it, before I showed it to a friend and we realized the space is key to the function of the piece. It’s about seeing into another reality. Appropriate, as stones with naturally occurring holes (also known as hag stones or holey stones) are traditionally considered to give one the ability to see fairies or see through a witch’s glamour. It will be listed in the next shop update on the next full moon, and will likely bring someone fascinating journeys and dreams.

2014-08-29 studio update 2I’ve been embroidering again after a bit of a hiatus. I picked up a leaf from a bigleaf maple and used it as a stencil to make the felt leaf, which I stitched with tiny spirals and french knots. This leaf is for me, so technically it shouldn’t be in a studio update. But last week I gathered a few tiny leaves from the park and used them as templates to make smaller embroidered pieces, suitable for necklaces and brooches. If I like the way they turn out, they might appear in the shop in the next month.

2014-08-29 studio updateAnd finally, I’m STILL working on the website. It might take quite a while to get everything configured the way I want it, and there’ll be a lot of appearing and disappearing material for a while. Thanks for your patience during this lengthy construction process.

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