September Seeds

I love September and October. I think they are the two most beautiful months of the year.

Asters  From Blossom to Seedhead
Asters From Blossom to Seedhead

All the plants going to seed provide a wondrous display.

Crocosmia Seeds
Crocosmia Seeds

It’s still hot, but the cold nights offer relief.

Goldenrod Seed Fluff
Goldenrod Seed Fluff

In spite of the heat I can feel the beginnings of the autumnal shift. It’s not only the seeds emerging everywhere, or the faint colors tipping the maple leaves.

Maple Seed "Helicopters"
Maple Seed “Helicopters”

I feel the surge of energy that comes just before the year turns toward its dark half: a slight urgency to hurry up and get things done before the cold and dark descend. I have smudge sticks and rosehips hanging up to dry, and when I walk the neighborhood I end up filling my camera bag with seedpods and walnut shells to use in talismans and nature spirits.

Mystery Apiaceae
Mystery Apiaceae

Before we know it, Halloween will be here. I can’t wait.

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