Sunset at Rockaway Beach

My sweetie and I spent the weekend at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast. The weather was lovely, and Friday night we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

rockaway sunset 1
On the Way to the Beach

I never get tired of looking at reflections of the sky on wet sand.

rockaway sunset 2
Pebbles in Wet Sand

I also never want to leave the beach. It’s possible all my beach pictures look the same, but it’s the only way I have of bringing the shore home with me.

rockaway sunset 3
Misty Hills to the North of Our Hotel

The tide was out, leaving the sand rippled and full of tiny, smooth pools of trapped ocean water.

rockaway sunset 4

And the gulls were, of course, noisily present.

rockaway sunset 8

Looking at these pictures, it’s easy to see why I use so much pink, orange, blue, and taupe in my knitting and embroidery projects. Those are the colors of the beach at sunset, so they fill me with happiness and tranquility.

rockaway sunset 5

I can’t wait to go back.

Good Night
Good Night

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