Happy Holidays from Greenwoman Studio

For me, the time from Winter Solstice around December 21 until the new calendar year is one long celebration. As part of this celebration, I thought I’d give you all a little present–a reading for how we can best focus our efforts as we step into 2015.

I drew 3 cards from The Wildwood Tarot, one each for body, mind, and spirit.

Holiday Tarot ReadingBody: 9 of Vessels. The body position in a reading refers not only to the body itself, but also to the entire physical world, including our actions. The figure on the 9 of vessels card is pouring glowing energy into the vessels around him, but even as he pours out this beautiful glow, he floats in the energy, so as he gives, he receives. This card is about generosity–about giving from the abundance we enjoy. Now is a time to focus on being generous with others–not just in material objects, but also in kindness and compassion. My partner often says that every day we get to choose whether we want to be right, or to be kind. In the end, kindness is the best wisdom–and that’s the central message of this card. Remember, too, that you will always be blessed by your own generosity in the end.

Mind: 8 of Vessels. The 8 of Vessels is a card of rebirth. This card is about flowing–allowing the past to flow away like water over a falls, and allowing the new to flow in. We have been through a lot of pain and trials in our past, but they have honed and empowered us to embrace the challenges of the future and look forward to new gifts and new joys. Let us say goodbye to the things we have lost or left behind with gratitude, and think about the future as an exciting challenge rather than an impossible trial. Our thoughts are the key to our experience of the world: choosing our thoughts can change the shapes our lives.

Spirit: The Hooded Man. The Hooded Man embodies the energy of the winter Solstice. He heralds a time of pausing to turn inward and process the trials and tests we have passed through on our journey. He tells us the focus of our spiritual practice at this time should be solitude and reflection; we should use the dark months to slow down, breathe deep, and consider the lessons we can take away from what we have experienced. It is an auspicious time to begin finding a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe.

I found this reading particularly encouraging. I hope you do too. And I hope your holidays are beautiful and magical, whatever you celebrate.

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