Scenes from the Return Journey

On the way home from my retreat, I had an opportunity to meander down the coast between Oceanside and Lincoln city. For once I had several hours to make the trip, so I decided to stop at all the spots I usually have to drive past. I left my cabin just before 11 a.m. and followed a winding, leisurely route. The view from the first vantage point was beyond description.

coast adventure 1

I wish I could capture the sound of the wind in the trees, the sound of the waves, the feeling of the air moving over everything. I wish I could show you everything I saw, because the camera can’t capture it. From my first stop, I went on to Cape Lookout State Park. I stopped at a trail head and walked one of the trails. I’ve talked, before, about the magic of in between places.

coast adventure 7

The path I walked clung to the edge of a mountain, traversing a forest at the edge of the ocean. Looking down through the trees, I could see the place where the forest ended and the waves began. And at the top of the slope was a highway. In between, indeed.

coast adventure 9

I felt a little wonderstruck, a little overwhelmed by it all. And I felt so, so happy, so full.

coast adventure 8

The next stop was at the “Winema Wayfinding Point”, where I took in another view that made me catch my breath.

coast adventure 15

And my last stop was at Bob Straub State Park, where I climbed a dune and wandered trails between tall grasses.

coast adventure 11

Here the wind moved over the grass, which bent and rose in waves, echoing the movement of the ocean.

coast adventure 12

I was captivated by the yellow grasses stretching so far to the north and south, edged by the ocean on one side and mountains on the other.

coast adventure 13

And somehow all the wind and waves, all the moving of grass and water, the wheeling and crying of shore birds, added up to something deeply peaceful. I felt like a still point at the center of it all.

coast adventure 14

I was just myself, perched at the edge of the world, everything else swept away by the salty air.

coast adventure 16

And it was perfect.

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