Fading Light

I lingered a little too long over tea with a friend, and arrived at the woods later than I intended. But the lure of the trees was irresistible: I hung my camera around my neck and set my feet on the path.

woods at dusk 2

With the light leaving the forest, the moss almost seemed to glow.

woods at dusk 1

Though I knew twilight was approaching, it was impossible to hurry. I walked slowly, feeling the damp earth and crunching pebbles under my boots.

woods at dusk 3

I watched the branches against the fading sky. I felt the shift in the air as the sun slipped below the horizon, even though I couldn’t see it set.

woods at dusk 4

There’s something about being in the woods as the light fades. These moments of transition, sunrise and sunset, the moon on its journey from new to full or from full to new, are potent with promise and possibility. If we traverse them with awareness, we can become not just an observer or consumer of the mystical world, but a participant in it. With the right frame of mind, we can move beyond doing magic to being magic.

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