Imbolc 2015

This is Imbolc, the festival of light returning.

Imbolc 2015

Last week I saw snowdrops blooming by the sidewalk, my first of the year, and Oregon Grape budding by the park.

Imbolc 2015 6

And Saturday in the woods, brilliant sunlight striped the path and blazed through the trees.

Imbolc 2015 4

Every year I feel the stirring of life that arrives with Imbolc, a quickening of spirit. It’s one of the holy days I feel the most, and least understand how to celebrate.

Imbolc 2015 7

So I stalk the light with my camera, trying to express the power of this time of quickening with pictures, since I can’t seem to convey it with words.

Imbolc 2015 5

Maybe, for now, it’s enough.

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