Spring Arrives in Forest Park

It seems spring has begun in the week since my last Forest Park hike. Of course, the ubiquitous moss is still lush and glowing.

spring growth 3

But the osoberries are sporting delicate leaf buds and a few tiny flower buds, and tiny green seedlings are springing up along the edges of the trails, including this one:

spring growth 1

I think this is wild bleeding heart, but I’m not one hundred percent certain.I also saw tender young Pacific waterleaf. And this:

spring growth 2

Young fringecup (and some of last year’s half-withered fringecup) growing in the shelter of a big leaf maple. Which means we’re entering one of the most fascinating times of the woodland year, when every day there’s something new to see along the path. I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

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