In the Witch’s Garden, April 25, 2015

April Witch's Garden1The neighbors’ hybrid holly bush is blooming, and the blossoms are full of bees. I’m not sure what variety of holly this is, but it seems the seeds it drops produce the standard, spiky leaved variety of holly bush. When I have to remove them from my garden, I save the roots for magical purposes. I think of them as one of the benefits of city gardening.

April Witch's Garden2The thing about gardening with mostly perennials is you have to leave spaces around the ones that are going to get really big some day. So I fill the gaps with annuals like these pansies, along with spinach and mustard greens.

April Witch's Garden5The chives are threatening to take over the garden. I’ve been potting up the babies to give away. I should cut these blossoms and throw them in a salad before they go to seed and make more babies.

April Witch's Garden4This culinary sage is about to bloom. I’m thinking it might be nice to make a tiny jar of sage honey. I can’t seem to get enough sage tea these days, and sage honey would add even more oomph. You can see the mugwort in the background. It’s already tall enough to get all hunched over when it rains. Next time we get some dry weather I might make a batch of smudge sticks.

April Witch's Garden3I planted this comfrey last summer, and it never bloomed. I’m excited for the blossoms to open–when I bought the plant, it had lost its tag, so I don’t know if it’s Russian comfrey or true comfrey (the employees at the nursery couldn’t tell me either). I can’t wait to find out.

What’s blooming in your garden?

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