In the Studio, April 25, 2015

After a too-busy winter and early spring, my schedule has returned to a more sane pace, allowing me enough energy reserves to begin creating again. I even have a few finished objects to share. Like this:

healing talisman2

A custom healing talisman. My favorite part is the little spiral button: I made several of these embroidered buttons last spring, not sure what I would ever do with them. I’m excited to have found a use for one of them. The other components include bamboo string, a wildcrafted rosehip, and a reclaimed charm that came from a thrift store necklace. The base is driftwood from the Oregon coast.

And then there’s this:


This is The Seer, inspired by a card in The Wildwood Tarot that has been coming up in my personal readings for months. Her body is composed of mugwort, and her head is a blackberry root.


She’s adorned with more of those wildcrafted rosehips, shells reclaimed from a necklace I found at a resale shop . . .


bells from a broken anklet, a tree of life charm and a beautiful little piece of labradorite. Her clothing is a scrap of black silk from a damaged scarf. She’s held together with sisal twine.


I haven’t yet decided if she will go up in the shop. I’m sure in time I’ll know her purpose; in the meantime, she’ll hang out on my altar, soaking up the magic.

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