In the Witch’s Garden, May 4, 2015

The comfrey blossoms are open, and I’m a little obsessed.

witches garden 5-2-2015c

I’m fairly certain this is Russian comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum). I guess I’ll know for sure when the blossoms fade and I see whether or not it sets seed. It’s beautiful either way, so I’m happy.

witches garden 5-2-2015d

I journeyed with comfrey once, on a sunny day years ago when I still lived in the country. She took me flying over a wide open sea, and dropped me in a tower full of books and steampunk-esque contraptions. The view from the tower windows stretched for miles, and the brightness of the sun on the water dazzled my eyes. Whenever I look at comfrey’s flowers I think of that light-saturated vision, and of the message she gave me while I stood in the tower–that my seemingly disparate passions could be woven together into a coherent whole, and that she could help me with that task. For this purpose, I think an elixir of those beautiful flowers would be appropriate, one with local honey and some appropriate gemstones added during the extraction process.

witches garden 5-2-2015b

This vision of comfrey is in line with her medicinal qualities. She is celebrated as a healer who reweaves tissue and repairs sprains and breaks at an almost alarming speed.

Since my initial journey with comfrey, I’ve given her powers a lot of thought. I see her as a powerful ally for those of us struggling to make peace with our shadowy side.

I wouldn’t hesitate to take an elixir or tea of comfrey, but there IS a lot of controversy about the safety of using the plant internally. If you’re concerned about the possibility of liver damage from the ingestion of the plant, a salve, wash, or infused oil used externally would be a good way to work with her powers. I can see even a simple infusion used to bathe the face and hands as a fine way to receive this plant’s gift.

And she is prolific, and generous with her gifts. I can’t imagine having a witchy garden without her.

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