In the Witch’s Garden, June 15, 2015

My ragged bit of earth is starting to feel like a real garden.


The mugwort is six feet tall and hasn’t even started to bloom yet. I keep cutting off huge swathes of it, and it never gets any smaller. I wonder how tall it will get by the end of summer?


My lavender is starting to bloom! This plant has performed beautifully since I brought her into the garden. Even with the mugwort refusing to acknowledge her personal space.


I planted this valerian a month ago or so, and it was the tiniest little thing. I didn’t think it would bloom this summer, but it shot up two and a half feet and produced this one cluster of white flowers. I think I chose good compost.


My first calendula flower of the season has me all excited. I wasn’t sure if the calendula I planted last year would successfully reseed, but it did, and I have a nice, healthy cluster of two or three plants. Who will, I hope, make many more babies next spring.

Lady's Mantle

This lady’s mantle is new to the garden this year as well. She’s still very small, but I love the way water drops bead up on her pretty leaves.


And most exciting, the vervain is beginning to flower. This plant was itty bitty when I brought her home last year, and this year she is lush and amazing. In all the years I’ve kept a garden, I’d never grown vervain before last year, and I’m in love. She’s truly enchanting.

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