New Moon Reading, June 16, 2015

Happy New Moon! This afternoon when I came home from work, my Wildwood Tarot deck called to me. I thought I would share with you all the message I received for the coming moon cycle.

New Moon Tarot Reading

The cards I pulled were The Great Bear, King of Vessels / Heron, and Ace of Vessels / The Waters of Life.

The Great Bear says to us “You have been through the little death of being unmade, and have been waiting to see who you will become. You’ve been dreaming in the dark, sometimes hopeful, sometimes afraid. Here at the dark of the moon, you are at the end of the darkest nights. Soon a sliver of moon will appear to remind you darkness never lasts forever. Prepare to emerge from the dark with lessons learned, and to move through the world in your new shape. Remember you get to be the judge of what is right for you, of whose company you wish to keep. Listen to the voice that whispers to you in the dark, and let it guide you onto your new path.”

Heron says “I have flown between this world and the next, and I am here to tell you to do the same. Even as you emerge into a new way of being, the call of the otherworld, the underworld, the unlit path will sound in your ears. Let your rebirth teach you that life is not a straight line forward or up, but is a spiral leading you through all worlds and all times. As you step into the light of day, remember the cave of rebirth is always waiting; remember you will always return.”

The Ace of Vessels points us toward our emotional lives. This moon cycle we are urged to examine our lives and ask ourselves if our emotional needs are being met. If the answer is yes, then take time out over the next month to express gratitude for this emotional fulfilment. If it is no, turn to your spirit guides and your own inner wisdom to understand what you are lacking, and begin searching for a way to fill the well; the presence of this card in the reading suggests you will have much help in the process.

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