New Moon Reading, July 2015

Once again it is time to ask the cards how we should focus our energies for the coming moon cycle. Today I pulled all Arrow cards: 4 of Arrows, 9 of Arrows, and 3 of Arrows.

July 2015 New Moon Reading

At the center of this reading is the 9 of Arrows, the card of dedication to a skill, spiritual path, or noble cause. Such a commitment requires patience, self-discipline, sincerity and hard work–and should not be taken lightly.

To the left is the 4 or Arrows, the card of rest after hard labors or crisis. This card, falling as it does beside Dedication, suggest we examine the level of energy we are expending on the tasks we’re committed to. Most especially, are we giving ourselves enough rest to stay well, and to continue doing our work effectively? Or are we pushing ourselves too hard, risking a collapse like the one of the figure on the card?

To the right of dedication is the 3 of Arrows, a card that speaks of jealousy and resentment. Usually we feel envy because we feel a sense of lack or loss in our lives. In relation to dedication, we should ask ourselves if we are feeling we have been asked to give too much for the work we care about. Are we feeling jealous of people whose lives seem simpler than our own, or who have more material wealth than we do because they chose a different path?

The path of dedication isn’t always an easy one, and it’s easy to begin with passion and end up feeling depleted or short-changed. This reading asks us to check our attitudes about our work. If we are feeling drained and cheated, it’s of utmost important to ask ourselves why this is so. It’s also time to ask ourselves if these feelings about our chosen path come from a bad attitude or negative outlook, or are a justifiable response to being asked for too much. We should also ask ourselves if perhaps the choices we’ve made are no longer right for us, and new choices need to be made. It seems a matter of some urgency to figure this out now, before we have gone too far down a harmful path. Whatever the answer, over the coming moon cycle we should begin finding ways to make the situation better, so we don’t end up abandoning or damaging what matters to us.

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