The Magic of the Ocean

Over the weekend my fiancee and I took a much needed time-out at the coast. This was the view from our patio:

Ocean View

For me, there’s no place more magical than the edge of the ocean. All my knots loosen when I’m at the shore.

Stone Bench

Our hotel afforded several ways to view the water, including this stone bench halfway down the stairs to the beach. A Twitter friend is always accusing me of visiting Narnia, as lamp posts are constantly making their way into my pictures. But who needs Narnia when they have Oregon?

Beach grass

Beach grass, growing straight out of the sand, always amazes me.

Tiny feather

As do feathers, even simple white seagull down.

Lacy wave

The white foamy waves rolling over the sand remind me of lace. I admit, it was hard to come home. But at least I came home rested and refreshed–and inspired by the magic of the ocean.

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