Full Moon Magic: Consecration Oil

This is an updated version of a post that originally appeared on my personal blog.

Two days before the full moon, the sage and rosemary are lush and vibrant, and the hyssop and vervain are in full bloom. It’s time to make an infused oil for consecration.

Sage in the Garden

I went out with a basket and shears, and gathered a basket full of green. I spread the herbs out on my workspace and breathed in the heady sharpness of the herbs.

As I stripped leaves and blossoms from twigs to fill my jar, my fingers grew sticky with resin. I entered an almost trance-like state, my vision full of green, my bare feet tingling on the hardwood floor. I often find myself in this state when I process fresh herbs, simultaneously deeply rooted and connected to another reality.

I poured olive oil from California over the fresh herbs in the jar. After poking air out of the oil with a mugwort twig, I capped it and placed it on my working altar with labradorite, calcite, and a votive candle.

Infused oil on the altar

On the night of the full moon, I’ll put my oil out in the garden to charge in the moonlight. I’ll let it steep until the next full moon, and then decant it and charge it once more for all kinds of blessings and anointings.

Oil in the garden

What magic will you be making this full moon?

Edited to add: For more information on making herbal infused oils, I recommend this article by Susun Weed.

6 thoughts on “Full Moon Magic: Consecration Oil

  1. What a great idea! An oil using different herbs from your garden! How long does it need to steep and how long will the oil keep after it has been strained and ready to use. Does it need to be refrigerated? I may try a combination of rosemary, mugwort and sage.


    1. Nancy, it should steep anywhere from two weeks to six weeks. Just check it frequently, and visit the link at the end of the post for advice on making sure it doesn’t mold. It should definitely be refrigerated. If it’s kept refrigerated it should last at least a year, maybe more.


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