How to Make Your Own Magical Purification Salt Scrub

One of my favorite ways to bring magic into my bath is to make salt scrub from infused oils. There are many recipes on line for salt scrubs, but I want to share with you a recipe for a purifying salt scrub that can be used as part of the ritual bath or shower, to strip away even negative energy and bring sweet clarity. This method takes some time, but the results are delightful. And this salt scrub in a pretty jar makes a lovely gift.

Make Your Own Magical Purification Salt Scrub

You will need:

  • 1 part olive oil
  • 2 parts sea salt, or a combination of sea salt and epsom salts
  • Fresh evergreen foliage. My favorites are Douglas Fir and Western Redcedar, but you can use any evergreen that grows in your area.
  • A glass bowl or large glass measuring cup
  • A wooden spoon
  • Two jars with tight seals

First, Make your infused oil:

Gather your evergreen foliage on a dry, clear afternoon when there hasn’t been any recent rain. If you’re working with the energy of the moon, harvest your foliage as the moon wanes. Use clean, sharp shears to cut small pieces from the trees. Take only what you need, and never enough to damage the tree. Don’t forget to ask permission, and leave an appropriate offering for the trees.

Bring the foliage home, cut into small pieces, and add to a very clean, dry jar. Keep your intention in mind as you fill the jar. Pour olive oil over the foliage to the top of the jar, poke out air bubbles with a skewer or chopstick, and allow to steep for two to six weeks. Place cleansing stones like clear quartz, selenite, and black tourmaline on and around your jar.

Check it every few days, poking out the air bubbles. Keep it out of direct sunlight. For more information on making infused oils, including trouble shooting, check out this article by Susun Weed.

If you wish to work with moon cycles, allow it to steep until the moon is waning again before straining and decanting. Once your infused oil is ready, strain it through several layers of cheese cloth or a non-reactive strainer. You can then store it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to make your salt scrub.

Second, Make your Salt Scrub:

Pour your salt into a clean, dry bowl or large glass measuring cup.

Pour salt into a bowl

Then add your fragrant infused oil a little at a time, stirring gently with a wooden spoon. Stir widdershins (counter-clockwise), with your non-dominant hand, for banishing negativity. As you stir, speak your intention that these bath salts will cleanse your body and spirit.

Stir the oil into the salt

Keep adding oil and stirring it in until you achieve a texture similar to a snow cone. You will probably use about half as much oil as salt.

Finished salt scrub

Spoon your finished salt scrub into a tightly sealed jar. Allow it to charge on your altar overnight with appropriate stones and sacred symbols.

Place Salt Scrub on your Altar

Store your salts scrub out of direct sunlight. If you think it will take more than a few weeks to use it up, store it in the refrigerator.

Third, Use your Salt Scrub:

You can use your scrub in the shower or the bath. In the shower, get wet, then either turn off the taps or step out of the stream of water. Scoop some of the scrub out of the jar and scrub all over gently, using circular motions. Avoid sensitive areas and any scratches or cuts. Rinse your body, feeling the stress and negative energy draining away. (A note of caution: be careful, your tub may be very slippery from the oils in the scrub.)

In the bath, get yourself wet, then stand up (step out completely if you want to scrub your feet). Scrub all over as directed before, then climb back into the tub, letting all the delicious oil and salts float into your bath water. Now soak in your amazing herb bath and feel the stress and negative energy draining out of your body. (I recommend wearing your hair up for this bath, so it doesn’t end up all oily.)

A few notes on ingredients.

I am a firm believer in locally sourced ingredients, because they help me feel more rooted in my habitat, and because it’s better for the environment. For this reason, I use California olive oil and sea salt harvested at the Oregon Coast (affiliate link). I encourage you to do some research on the most sustainable, close-to-home options you can find for the ingredients in any spell.

I like using evergreens for this recipe because of their wild, ancient magic, but you could substitute rosemary, sage, or any other purifying herb if you like.

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