On Your Altar: Chelsea Rose

Welcome to a new series on Greenwoman Studio, in which I feature the altars of fellow magically minded folk for your viewing pleasure and inspiration.

Today’s altar belongs to fellow Oregonian Chelsea Rose, who sells her psychedelic goddess art in her Etsy shop and on her Website.

Chelsea says: “This is my lil altar. It sits atop my bookshelf in the living room. I have placed my rocking chair, a family heirloom that’s been passed down through many many generations (mainly used by the women in the family as they nursed their babies), next to it.

Chelsea Rose's altar

“Right now a statue of The Buddha sits at its pinnacle center. I keep it there to remember to find that calm, egoless center of being within myself. The Buddha reminds me of what might be achieved if I put my mind to it. He is holding a quartz crystal given to me by my god brother. I have programmed the crystal for protection and healing.

“The pelt on my altar is of Rabbit. On the rabbit pelt I have placed important charms and stones that have specific purposes.  My stained glass butterfly lamp is there to represent one of my chief spirit animals, the butterfly.

Chelsea Rose's Altar Close Up

“I have a lot of art on and around my altar….art is something very sacred to me, and so I have my own art as well as art from friends and mentors. This helps fuel my creative flame.

“The red velvet chest below holds my divination tools. Above it you can see the book of my fave oracle card deck, The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud.”

To learn more about Chelsea, visit her blog–and tell her I sent you her way.

This post originally appeared on my personal blog.

Would you like to have your altar featured on the Greenwoman Studio blog? Contact me for submission guidelines.

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