New Moon Reading, August 2015

The cards I drew this month were The Woodward, the Knight of Arrows, and The Sun of Life.

New Moon Reading, August 2015

The Woodward card indicates strength in times of adversity, but there is more to this strength than determined endurance. There’s an element of trust in the gods and the universe, and a call for grace under pressure. We are called on to cultivate our own courage, and to find our center when storms swirl around us. We are assured that there is opportunity here for us to become our best selves through the tests we are facing.

The Knight of Arrows is the Hawk, able to fly above the situation and see patterns in apparent chaos. When we find ourselves feeling like our circumstances are senselessly painful, we can follow the example of the hawk and try to look at our troubles from a new perspective. If we can’t manage that, we can at least trust that some day we’ll have distance from our current trials, and we’ll be able to understand why we needed to go through these hard times.

And now the good news. The Sun of Life in the final position offers hope for brighter, better times. We should notice, however, that the light in this card comes from both the sun and the heart of the figure at the center of the card. There is a feeling here of “as within, so without”. Yes, in a dark and difficult time it is good to know the sun will shine again some day. But it’s also important to cultivate the light within, so when better times come we can live the bright, sacred lives we long for, rather than being trapped in our own darkness. To put it another way, no change in circumstances will transform our lives until we transform our thoughts and attitudes.

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