On Your Altar: Sage Ravenrose

Welcome to the second installment in Greenwoman Studio’s On Your Altar series, in which I feature the altars of fellow magically minded folk for your viewing pleasure and inspiration.

Today’s altar belongs to my Instagram friend Sage Ravenrose. Sage says:

“I have my altar set up this way because I had way too many things I wanted to include in my altar and had no room on my 16×16 table. I have my meditation tools on both ends and my ritual space in the middle.

Sage Ravenrose's Altar

“My amethyst cluster is one of my favorite items on my altar. It was the first crystal I purchased, and the first tool I used in my works.

Sage Ravenrose Altar 3

“I am Wiccan and my magickal name is Sage Ravenrose. I’ve only been practicing a little over a year and have so much to learn.”

Sage Ravenrose Altar 2

You can learn more about Sage by visiting her website or her Instagram feed.

Would you like to have your altar featured on the Greenwoman Studio blog? Contact me for submission guidelines.

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