Full Moon Gratitude, August 2015

Tonight the moon is full again, time to for gratitude and celebration.

Fall is Coming

I’m grateful fall is almost here.

Narrow path

I’m grateful for a forest in the middle of the city, where I can escape to green shadows without having to drive into the wilderness.

August Full Moon 1

I’m grateful for a growing community of pagan friends to share ritual and inspiration with.

Green Leaves

I’m grateful that I’m marrying the love of my life in four weeks.

August Full Moon 5

And for the gift of friends who become chosen family.

What are you grateful for this full moon?

One thought on “Full Moon Gratitude, August 2015

  1. I’m grateful that I’m again and still healthy, that I don’t have existential fears any more, that I can find a lot of peace and beauty in my life now. I have been guided a long way, and I’m grateful for all the healing. I’m grateful to give back a lot of love and joy.


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