On Your Altar: Blessed Witch

Welcome to the third installment of my On Your Altar series, in which I feature the altars of fellow magically minded folk for your viewing pleasure and inspiration.

Today’s altar belongs to Danielle Baumgartner, who I met as Blessed_Witch on Instagram. I love her feed–her photos always make me smile and feel peaceful and inspired. She posts many magical photos of altars, along with nature photos and images of her black cat, Poe and her bearded dragons, Loki and Draco. If you aren’t following her feed yet, go take a look.

Danielle says:

“Hello, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Danielle Baumgartner. I am a mother to a very beautiful little girl, wife to a hard-working dedicated husband and a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan. I’ve always been connected to nature since I was a child. While other little girls were playing dollies I was outside climbing trees, collecting stones, rescuing baby birds and running wild barefoot.

Blessed Witch's Altar

“My Altar reflects my inner intimate self and inspirations. It’s my sacred space, my temple, where I can go to pray, meditate and reflect on my inner self and the world around me. Like many sisters and brothers, I hold nature dear, and many of the items I have on my Altar were collected in nature or have been made from materials found in Nature.

Blessed Witch Altar 2

“I have a small bowl that has been filled with water, sand collected from the ocean, a shell, clear quartz, ruby and rose quartz. Each stone has its own magickal properties that I use to help make the water that much more special and sacred. I use it everyday to anoint myself and bless my path. Beside it I have a beautiful besom I hold sacred. It was a gift by a fellow sister, Shannon, which she created from items she collected in nature. Shannon and I connected through Instagram and have established a great bond and sisterhood through the exchange of letters. She sells many beautiful items and can be found on Instagram under the name _Nature_Witch.

Blessed Witch Altar 4

“I also have meditation oils, sprays, an incense burner, and a recently added beautiful Spiral Goddess that I use daily during my meditations. They came from another beautiful sister, Sarah, who I was able to connect with through Instagram as well. She also has a very beautiful shop of all sorts of magickal items from oils, sprays, herbs, and crystal and can be found under the name Olunalove on Instagram.

Blessed Witch Altar 3

“I constantly find myself inspired by Gaia and her changing of seasons. I change my Altar quite frequently, but keep the main items I hold sacred on it with each change. The left side of my altar is dedicated to the Goddess, and everything I hold sacred to her is set there. The right side of my altar is dedicated to the God, and everything I hold sacred to him is set there. The middle of my altar is where I place items that are sacred to her, him and myself. I try to live a spiritual life, always keeping in mind that the Goddess is within me as much as she is without. I believe each Wiccan operates as his or her own priest or priestess, that no one is closer to the divine than another. I truly believe Wicca is a beautiful religion, it has helped me with my own personal development in becoming a better self and continues to help me have a very close and personal relationship to the Gods.

Blessed Witch Altar

“In a world where people are trying to outdo each other and wanting what another person has, I’m in true appreciation of who I am and my own unique divinity. I raise my daughter with the idea that everything around us is sacred, from the smallest ant to the highest mountain. I teach her she is beautiful, not just with physical beauty but within her mind and soul. I have my faults, but my spirituality has taught me to embrace them, both the light and dark side of myself.”

Would you like to have your altar featured on the Greenwoman Studio blog? Contact me for submission guidelines.

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