New Moon Reading, September 2015

2015-09-12 Wildwood Tarot New Moon Reading

Happy New Moon! The cards I pulled for today’s reading are The Hooded Man, The Blasted Oak, and the Eight of Vessels.

At the center of this reading is The Blasted Oak, the card of sudden destruction. There are times in life when we face devastation, no matter how carefully we plan, no matter how safely we try to live. Sometimes even when we make wise choices, even when we are good people, disaster strikes, and we must face the loss and annihalation of both our treasures and our assumptions.

No doubt we suffer deep pain in such times, and we might find ourselves tempted to become bitter and resentful in the face of this suffering. We might be tempted to rail at the universe and the gods for treating us unfairly.

But the truth is, destruction is a natural part of every life. Loss and pain is inevitable: there’s no secret formula to keep us from falling. We can only decide what we will do when we hit the ground.

If you find yourself bruised and burned right now, the cards offer guidance for how to respond in the form of The Hooded Man, who stands to the left of The Blasted Oak. He tells us we can find solace and healing in the process of withdrawing for a time in order to rest and reflect. We have been through trying, possibly even traumatic, times. It’s okay to give ourselves permission to slow down; spend some time in the dark, light a candle, breathe, and listen to the voice of spirit. Now is a time to make space for the inner journey, for meditation and visits to the otherworld to seek guidance and wisdom. We would do well to be gentle with ourselves: to allow ourselves to be less productive, less active, on the physical plane so we can recover from our recent losses. And in this process of withdrawal and inner focus, we can discover the gifts hidden in the dark times we have faced.

Both the devastation we have faced, and our reflection in its aftermath point the final card in this reading, the Eight of Vessels – Rebirth. Remember that every loss, every little death, ultimately forces us to let go of something we’ve been clinging to so we can find something even better. Death is never only an ending; it is always a transformation. Whatever is taken from us will be replaced with something else, something more fitting for who we have become. If you can let go of what you have lost, you will find your heart and hands filled with blessings you could not have imagined before your fall.

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