On Your Altar: Elyssa’s Altar to Bast

Welcome to another installment of On Your Altar, in which I feature the altars of fellow magically minded folk for your viewing pleasure and inspiration.

Today’s altar belongs to Elyssa, a writer who I just met when she stumbled across this series while perusing pagan blog posts.

Altar to Bast

Elyssa says: “Hi! My name is Elyssa, and I am new to the world of practicing spirituality. While I’ve always been a very spiritual person, I’ve never solidified my beliefs or made belief and practice part of my daily life. Then 2015 rolled around and all that turned upside down when Bast came calling, very loudly and very clearly. She made it known in no uncertain terms that 2015 would be Her year and that I had better get hopping onto the Kemetic bandwagon. The first thing I bought for Her was the humanoid statue featured in the pictures. From there She demanded an altar, weekly devotions, and eventually a Book of Shadows.

Elyssa's Altar 1

“Since I have always been a cat lover and drawn to Bast, a lot of the items on my altar come from my childhood; the large cat statue, little ceramic cats, wooden box (in which I keep cat whiskers I’ve found), and the bottle of beach sand. The mortar and pestle, amethyst candle holder, painting, and polished piece of lapis lazuli were all purchased as gifts to Bast. You can’t see it very well in these pictures, but on the left-hand corner of the altar is a black velvet bag which holds my tarot cards (I use the Shadowscapes deck). The little white cloth bags are protection charms filled with rose petals, lavender, and cocoa nibs.

Elyssa's Altar 3

“Since all of this is new to me, my spiritual path this past year has been one of trial and error. Thankfully Bast is very patient with new devotees, though She will definitely make Her desires known when necessary. I’m honored and humbled to have been chosen for this path, and I love that it has lead me to reach out and meet others on similar journeys.”

Elyssa's Altar 2

You can learn more about Elyssa by reading her blog or visiting her tumblr.

Would you like to have your altar featured on the Greenwoman Studio blog? Contact me for submission guidelines.

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