In the Studio, November 20, 2015

I had big plans for the weeks after the wedding. I was going to leap back into making items for the shop, try my hand at some new projects, and get back to regular blogging.

But instead, I’ve spent the last month rearranging the house, taking unwanted items to the thrift store, and filling the recycle bin over and over. But I feel like it’s been worth it. It’s led to this:

Studio 4

And this:

Studio 1

My studio is now an entire room, instead of a desk in the corner and a few shelves in another room.

Studio 3

There’s a cozy space for reading and meditating, which can double as a bed for guests if necessary.

Studio 5

I’m still finding places for art and magical objects, but I now have a fully functional space to spread out my creative projects.

Studio 2

It’s inevitable that my sacred space and my crafting space are the same; creative projects are almost always an outpouring of my spiritual practice. I’m deeply in love with my little room.

Studio 6

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