In the Studio, January 18, 2016

Like everyone else, the start of a new calendar year finds me thinking about the year past–what worked, what didn’t, what was good, what was hard–and about my goals and wishes for the future.

Over the past few years I’ve found myself pulled in what feels like a million different directions as I struggled to fit everything I want to do into my schedule while being present for family and friends, and oh yes, getting married. I’d been feeling more and more scattered, unable to focus on anything for more than a few minutes, and completely exhausted.

This year I want to make my life simpler and happier. To do that, I think I need to choose how I use my energy more carefully, and to focus on doing what works and letting go of what doesn’t.

To be honest, I considered letting Greenwoman Studio go altogether. But I truly enjoy the creative outlet. Besides, I’ve tried closing up shop before, and I never managed to stay closed. So instead of closing, for the time being I’m simplifying the focus of the Greenwoman Studio. I’m going to stick to textile arts, with a heavy emphasis on knitting patterns. You will noticed I’ve already pared down the online shop.

Woodland Magic Tarot Pouch coming on the full moon.

As part of my plan to simplify, the newsletter will now be an occasional mailing of special offers and shop news rather than a monthly email. Most announcements already appear on the blog and my Facebook page, so if you are concerned about missing something just keep an eye on one or the other.

And finally, a fun bit of news: I’ve started a Greenwoman Studio Knits ravelry group. If you are interested in knitting any of my patterns, or in talking about magical, eco-friendly, and spiritual knitting, you should come join us. In addition to chit-chat, there will be free patterns from time to time, and opportunities to test knit forthcoming designs. Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “In the Studio, January 18, 2016

  1. Yep, I recognize the boat you’re in! I’ve done the same thing…”Okay okay, there are only so many hours in a day…” But, then, the sheep need to be sheared, and then they ARE sheared, and I have 24 bags of fleece to process. Better make time for this thing I love. In my case, it comes down to the “time = money” problem. I really need to earn SOMEthing. We are so far out in the boonies, that my “corporate skillset” has more or less been abandoned. Trying to live off of the farm is my contribution. DH is a woodworker and does some projects that keep us afloat, but it’s a tough one, keeping the creative surge up and hoping some one will appreciate your work enough to trade for $.

    I’m glad you started a Ravelry group. Your work is very nice and should be appreciated more widely!

    Cheers! ~~~ Elle


  2. Simpler and happier sounds like a good plan for this year! I’m working on clarifying my focus, and it’s helpful to hear what works for others.
    I look forward to talking to you more on the ravelry group! Blessings 🙂


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