In the Witch’s Garden, May 2016

I must begin this post with an apology for the less-than-spectacular photos. I took them in a big hurry with my phone, in between pulling weeds and hurrying inside for my morning writing session. But I had to get some pictures, even poor ones, because I can hardly believe how HUGE everything in my garden is already.

For example, the mugwort:


There definitely won’t be a shortage of mugwort this year.

The English thyme is also huge, and covered in sweet little blossoms.

English Thyme

It’s begging to be combined with chives and rosemary in an infused oil for dipping.

The valerian is taller than me, and sporting clusters of white blossoms with a dreamy fragrance.

Valerian blossom

And then there’s the rue. I’ve never really grown or worked with rue before, and I planted this one last year. It’s a good ten times bigger than it was last year, and the blossoms are fascinating.

Rue blososms

I knew rue would bloom yellow, but I had no idea the blossoms were so pentacle-ish. I’m excited to learn more about this beauty.

What’s blooming in your garden?

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