About Michelle

I grew up wandering the spirit-haunted woods of Northern Michigan, where the night sky glittered with uncountable stars, and the water of the bay chilled the bones even in August. Surrounded by wild beauty, I developed a streak of mysticism alongside a compulsive need to create.

I learned the domestic arts at my mother and grandmother’s knees, and I learned the magical arts from trees and the moon before I found them in books. Handcraft and witchcraft merged when I lived on a half-wild, half-tamed acre in rural Oregon, surrounded by red cedar and hawthorn trees. Rose hips and walnut shells, teasel heads and fallen twigs began calling to me to give them new life in the form of magical art dolls and talismans.

As I developed my practice of making sacred art, I also studied metaphysical healing, divination with tarot and oracle decks, and the magical properties of stones. Greenwoman Studio opened in 2014 as a way to bring all these aspects of my path to a wider community.

I follow the cycles of the moon in the creation of my magical objects, beginning a new batch of talismans and nature spirits at the new moon and bringing them to completion by the full moon. I charge them under the light of the moon, and release them into the world as the moon wanes.

I see Greenwoman Studio as not only a shop, but also a safe space to seek answers and spiritual healing. My virtual door is always open if you have questions or special requests, or if you just want to chat.

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