Knitted Goddesses

The knitted goddess was inspired by neolithic figures like the Naganda “Bird Lady” figure, the Venus of Willendorf and other Venus figures, and by contemporary Spiral Goddess depictions.

I hand-knit my goddesses with yarn spun from natural fibers. As often as possible I use organic, recycled, handspun or hand-dyed yarns created by independent artisans. Goddesses are stuffed with eco-friendly recycled poly-fill, and hand-embroidered  and hand-beaded. Each goddess measures approximately 11″ high. Custom goddesses are available.

The pattern is also available for sale.

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“She is positively perfect in every way! I love holding her, its like holding huge warm fuzzy feelings . Thank you so so much!!” Lisa

“Absolutely one of the most awesome things I’ve ever received on Etsy. Well made, beautifully embroidered, and smells divine! I love my Goddess so much!” Liz

“Her Goddesses are breathtakingly beautiful and are a pleasure to behold. A wonderful addition to my home, filling it with lovely, uplifting energy. Thank you SO MUCH.” Michelle