Tarot, Rune and Ogham Pouches

I create one of a kind drawstring pouches for tarot decks, runes, ogham fews, and other custom purposes.

I hand-knit my pouches with yarn spun from natural fibers. As often as possible I use organic, recycled, handspun or hand-dyed yarns created by independent artisans. I also hand-embroider and hand-bead each pouch.

Images below are of pouches that have already been sold or are part of my private collection. Your own pouch will be completely unique.


“I LOVE this little pouch. What expert knitting and lovely colors. Delicate beads in glass and amber are just darling . . . What a little gem.” Christine

“Lovely amulet pouch in a gorgeous deep blue. Expertly made and embroidered, I especially like the way the long beads “click” together when the pouch is handled.” Miriam

“I love it! Even prettier in person, if that’s somehow possible! My deck fits PERFECTLY!” Kari

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